What is Client Accounting Services?

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The accounting industry is changing and so should your accountant.  Counting beans doesn’t help your business grow.  Communicating what those beans mean to you and how you can make them grow your business is what is important. It’s also important to have an accountant who can timely communicate your business metrics to you.

With Paperwerks Client Accounting Services, you pay a flat monthly fee, so you know what your cost will be.  In the past, hourly billing rates have discouraged business owners from reaching out to accountants for help or advice.  We don’t bill you by the hour for tasks we complete.  You pay our flat fee for the value and advice we bring to your company.  We encourage you to reach out to us for help and advice. We have a vested interest in giving you advice and help because we want be your partner in your growth. Communication is what will help you succeed.  This is the value we bring.

Technology makes keeping an accurate record of your books easier, but our expertise as QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors helps you make it all come together.  Our service will make sure your books are always up to date freeing you to focus on making money.   Our communication will help you understand your numbers and help your make better decision to succeed. Our advice will eliminate uncertainty and help you plan.

We only work with clients who use QuickBooks Online. If you are using QuickBooks Online already, just invite us to be your accountant in the My Accountant section at the bottom left of the program.  If you are not already using QuickBooks Online, we can sign you up for a 15% discount, forever.

Besides being easy to use and keep your books updated, QuickBooks Online integrates with many other apps that provide marketing, security, and convenience to make your books easier to maintain.  With QuickBooks Payments you can receive payments faster to improve your cashflow.  With QuickBooks Mobile, you can capture receipts, send invoices, track mileage and do almost anything else on the go.  And QuickBooks Time is the perfect solution to track employees’ hours and customers projects.

Don’t worry about converting over to QuickBooks Online.  We are certified in QuickBooks Online Conversions.  We can provide an assessment to determine which version of QuickBooks Online will work for you.  Whether you are using QuickBooks Desktop, another accounting system or starting from scratch.  We can make sure your QuickBooks Online works for you and is optimized for your business.

If you think access to financial advice for your business is a value, client accounting services may be right for you. Being proactive about your books is being proactive about your company.  If you are serious about growing your business, controlling your costs, improving your cashflow and having up-to-date financials, then switch from traditional accounting to PaperWerks Client Accounting Services.

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