The best tax deductions come from businesses.

The tax code is written for businesses, not individuals. There are over 30 deductions on a Schedule C (Business Deductions) and only 9 deductions on a Schedule A (Individual Deductions). If you don’t have the time or ability to start a business, here is an option available to you: multi level marketing (MLM).

Business losses on a Schedule C can offset your income on the 1040 form and lower your tax liability.

Although most people don’t make a lot of money from these businesses, they could be perfect for the person looking to reduce tax liability by having business losses. The IRS knows that the majority of the people who are involved in Multi Level Marketing will have more expenses than revenue; that means a business loss. A business loss will lower your overall income and thus your tax liability

MLMs have been around for years and there are hundreds to choose from.

We recommend that you find something that you like to do or that you will actually use. We follow that same advice and use the following Multi Level Marketing companies every single day. Click any of the links below to get started or find one that works for you.

Everybody uses electricity!: Ambit Energy

Strength Your Immune System & Health: Kyani

Kyani Independent Business Partner link.