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PaperWerks has been giving advice to help business succeed for 30 years. 

CEO John B Love III  has failed and succeeded at many businesses. While not proud of business failures, they have been useful to learn what NOT to do while in business.  

Our founder Joan Love-Davis, was often approached by local business people for her business wisdom.  She was a successful black female business owner when none existed.  She learned to survive as a business when the odds where against her.

John learned from Joan all that wisdom that she accumulate over her lifetime. 

PaperWerks uses our own business experience and that of our many clients over the years to help advise our clients.  We not only provide operations advice, but because our foundation is income tax preparation, we provide tax strategies for our clients to help them reduce their IRS liability. 

We have had experience or clients that we have advised in the following industries: 

Restaurants, Food Deliver, Internet Sales, Training Companies, Contractors, Housing Developers, Transportation companies, Oil Field Service Companies, Realtors, Consultants, Retail Stores, Auto Dealers, Mechanics and Independent Salespersons. 

We can help you answer questions that face most business owners. Should I purchase or lease?  Should I pay cash or finance?  Should I pay this bill now or later?  What does my Profit & Loss Statement mean?  What does my Balance Sheet tell me? 

Let us help you with our experience and advice!  Contact us!