We provide accounting services not bookkeeping!  

Bookkeeping is dead! 

We are not CPAs, and we don’t charge like CPAs. 

Most small business don’t need a bookkeeper or a CPA, they need an accountant who can give great advice. 

Give us your QBO file, we will put in to right categories, in a way that makes it easy to do your taxes.  We will also help you track your assets and loans so that you can have a true value of your business.  If you need payroll services we can do that too! 

Working at the table

We charge an hourly rate but charge only for the actual work we do in 15 minute increments.   

We will not only generate financial reports, but we will make sure you understand them to help you make business decisions. 

Because we are tax specialist we organize your accounting to make sure you are taking advantage of all deductions. 

Know what’s going on financially in your business! 

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